Stabbed definition, stabbed meaning

7 letters in word "stabbed": A B B D E S T.

Anagrams of stabbed:

Words found within stabbed:

ab abb abbe abbes abbs abed abet abets abs ad ads ae as at ate ates ba babe babes bad bade bads bas base based bast baste basted bat bate bated bates bats be bead beads beast beat beats bed beds bes besat best bestad bet beta betas bets da dab dabs dae daes das dast date dates de deb debs debt debts ea eas east eat eats ebb ebbs ed eds es esbat est et eta etas sab sabbed sabe sabed sad sade sae sat sate sated sea seat sed set seta st stab stade stead sted ta tab tabbed tabes tabs tad tads tae taed taes tas te tea tead teads teas tebbad ted teds tes tsade

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